L’histoire de bebe bambou -The story of baby bamboo

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Au printemps, les parents bambous se reproduisent…
In Spring, bamboo parents have their offspring…

Me voila ! Je m’appelle TAKENOKO (bebe bambou).
Here I am ! My name is TAKENOKO (baby bamboo).

Les foules se precipitent pour me ceuillir.
Many people come to take me.

On me fait prendre le bain avec du son de riz (et parfois du piment).
In my bath with rice bran (and chili peppers).

Je me deshabille, et me voici, nacre et tendre.
I take off my clothes, and you can eat me.

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Sakurabert, système D

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DSC09553-001 DSC09425-001

A sakura cheese delicately flavored with cherry blossoms. Yes, I shown you one before :

Hokkaido sakura

It was really excellent, but too expensive to buy it often. So I thought of a way to make a slightly simpler sakura cheese, for less than 1/4th of the cost.


The base is a cheap cheese, quite neutral in taste.


The flavor comes from sakura blossoms and leaves preserved in salt. I have used them without rinsing.


I’ve put a leaf under, and a few blossoms on top. Reclosed the package and let it mature 2 weeks in the fridge.


Then, I tried it…. and that’s great ! The cheese has taken the sakura flavor. So try it someday.



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Easter hanami bento

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A lunch to bring outside.


In a park… with cherry blossoms.


There are kyaraben (decorated bento) artists that produce masterpieces. I admire them, but that’s not for me.
I just tried to make it thematic colorful, thematic and tasty, without spending the night making it.


Mixed rice (brown and sticky), with green peas, and ninnikunome (garlic stalks) as a fence.


Shrimps and edamame marinated in yuzu juice.


Spring salad : spring onion, potato, parsley, turmeric.
I made both it the night before. It’s a salad that gets better when longly marinated. The ideal bento food.
For decoration : Blossoms of daikon radish.


Not very visible : small pies of potatoes flavored with miso and sakekasu (leftovers). Blossoms of carrots.
Desserts : A kumquat. Easter eggs.


The full menu.


Out there. Yes, an additional dessert, torta di riso (see here). The truth is that was too much. After the bento

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Like sakura and matcha… Comme sakura et matcha…

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The sashimi has the delicate pink whiteness of the sakura. It’s “tai” fish. With fresh wasabi.

The soup looks like matcha. It’s a classical cress soup. Cress mixed with a cooked potato, slowly reheated. With sour cream.
There is a bowl of hatsuga genmai brown rice, and a cup of green tea.

Cal 524.2 F6.8g C78.6g P37.6g

Le sashimi de tai (daurade) a la teinte blanche-rose des sakura (fleurs de cerisiers).
La soupe qui ressemble a un bol de the matcha de ceremonie est une bonne vieille soupe de cresson. Un bouquet de cresson, mixe avec une patate cuite, rechauffe doucement, un peu de creme.
Et les fideles compagnons, le bol de riz (complet hatsuga genmai) et celui de the vert.

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