mabo tofu

Cal (without the rice) 378.8 F 23.2g C 19.2g P 25.8g

Mabo Tofu (quick recipe)

1 serving

50 ground pork meat
150 g tofu
fresh ginger
1/2 onion
dried hot chili
10g Chinese sauce with bean and chili

Optional toppings :
1 red sweet pepper (or other veggies)
a few drops of dark sesame oil
Sichuan pepper
minced leek white
sliced spring onion
minced raw ginger

Put the block of tofu on a plate, top it with another plate and load it with any object of about 500 g. Let it about 15 minutes.
Excess water will go out.

Cut finely 2 tbs of ginger, of garlic, all the onion. Take off the seeds of hot chili, slice them finely (quantity is as you like).
Heat the oil in a pan, all that and stir till the smell is good. Add the meat, stir till it changes of color.
Add 2 cups of water and the sauce, simmer it on low heat for a while.
Cut the tofu in big dices. Add it to the sauce, reheat. Serve with the toppings and hot rice. Eat with a spoon.
In restaurants, the sauce is thicker, they add cornstarch or whatever thickener.

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