Special oyster and spring cabbage okonomiyaki

This very, really very different from what they make in the shop…
I know because I have *worked* as an okonomiyaki chef. OK, that was just for fun, many years ago. The lady that owned that nice okonomiyaki restaurant in Shikoku island also had a good sense of humor. One of my friend joked that she would never hire a foreigner to work in her shop. To show he was wrong, she answered that I would help on that night’s shift. Too bad we didn’t take photos. I was on the side of the bar, with the apron and all, doing okonimiyaki for my friends, not thinking other customers would have the courage… but under the chef’s supervision, I did well, and they served my production too. I did it again a few nights. In exchange, I was fed many meals for free in her shop.
Actually, using the big hotplate requires a little technique. Pouring the batter and flipping the okonomiyaki… well, you do 5 or 6 “ugly” then you get the gesture.

Shredded green spring cabbage, half a dozen of oysters, buckwheat flour, naga-imo potato, furikake (powder made of dried fish and seaweeds),
Topping: soy sauce + mirin, furikake, aonori (green seaweed flakes), green leek, bonito flakes.

Cal 424.1 F9.4g C63.6g P27.1g

Les okonomiyakis gourmands (compilation)

Nira chijimi (un-)like Osaka street stalls

3 thoughts on “Special oyster and spring cabbage okonomiyaki

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