Biscottes au nuka

Crisp breads made with half flour, half nuka rice bran and little baking powder. The inside doesn’t cook well, so I bake them 20 min, I slice them when they are cooled down and I put them 5 min in the toaster till they become crispy and golden.

6 halves with butter and home-made quince jelly :
Cal 381.8 F13.5g C67.4g P10.2g

Biscottes moitie farine, moitie son de riz (nuka). Comme l’interieur cuit assez mal, je les passe au four a 250 degres, 20 minutes. Je les tranche quand elles sont refroidies et je les seche 5 minutes au toaster.

2 thoughts on “Biscottes au nuka

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