Yuzu Chirashizushi (sushi au yuzu et thon japonais blanc)

Brown rice cooked with kombu seaweed, prepared for sushi with yuzu citrus juice, rice vinegar, salt.
Garnished with local white flesh tuna, binchou maguro (not the one that should be banned), shiso, wasabi.
Aka-dashi : soup of dark “hatcho miso”. Fish broth, the kombu seaweed used to cook rice, spinach stalks, mushrooms, a few cubes of dried tofu (koyadofu) and dark red miso paste.
Daikon radish and green onion. The daikon is sold with the sashimi. After eating the fish I pour the rest of soy sauce on it.
For my taste soy sauce is too salty and too strong for sashimi and sushi, so when I prepare the fish broth for the soup, I keep some to add to soy sauce.

Really this tuna is delicious, much better than the imported albacore from over-fished areas and the red one. I think it’s too bad the ban was rejected. I always find that silly they keep selling whale here. There was some in the shop today… like most day. At discounted prices. That’s not even good. A few persons keep buying it because it’s 3 times cheaper than beef.

Cal 518.8 F11.9g C80.8g P39.3g

3 thoughts on “Yuzu Chirashizushi (sushi au yuzu et thon japonais blanc)

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