Crystalline Ice Plant

“Puttina”, on toasts (made of wanton skins) with cream cheese, pepper mix and anise seeds.

The ice plant comes from South Africa. The leaves are edible and naturally salty. On them, those pearls of gel that look like ice. In Japan, they are sold as “puttina” pronounced プッチーナ, “ice plant”, “queen’s vegetable”.

8 toasts :
Cal 81.8 F5.2g C7.4g P2.0g

Fr :
Cette plante ( ficoïde glaciale ? plante de glace ? plante crystalline ?) vient d’Afrique du Sud. Les feuilles sont comestibles et naturellement salees. Elles sont recouvertes de ces petites perles transparentes qui ressemblent a du givre.
Au Japon, on les trouve vendues comme “puttina” prononcer プッチーナ, “ice plant”, “queen’s vegetable”.
Les voici sur des toasts (de peau de ravioli chinois) avec du fromage frais, du 4 poivres et des grains d’anis.

4 thoughts on “Crystalline Ice Plant

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  3. Hello, the ice plant is so beautiful! I like you website!

    May I know where to get the ice plant?

    Thank you….


    • I don’t know where you live. In Japan, they sell it with other greens in many places (department stores, markets, supermarket, veggie stores), In other countries, I have no idea, but you should check websites that sell seeds.
      Thanks for your visit,

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