Kaki NOT-fry.

Kaki furai (kaki fry, fried oyster) are normally done with panko (white bread crumbs) and deep fried. I like them when someone else prepares them in someone’s kitchen. And well, it’s too fat to eat more than a few.
I just covered the oysters with chapelure (French bread’s crust crumbs), salt and pepper, and baked. Served with shredded cabbage and lemon.

Mini-calamari salad with red pepper, chili, young onion, rosa potato, rosemary, olive oil. Balsamico would have been nice, but I don’t have something so exotic in my pantry, so that was rice vinegar, plus black rice vinegar.

Cal : 386.9 F9.5g C42.3g P 31.1g

Fr :
A la place des kaki-furai (huitres frites), des huitres panees a la chapelure et cuites au four. Du chou rape.
Salade de petits calamars, poivron, pomme de terre, jeune oignon, romarin, piment, huile d’olive, vinaigres de riz (blanc + noir).

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