The Seven Treasures * Les Sept Mendiants

Eating my daily vitamins…
These are food I have nearly everyday, for their healthy property… and well, they taste good too.
Do you believe in SuperFood ? It’s not really scientific, but if you believe those are good, they will be… they can’t hurt, in small amounts. They are all full of fibers.

Natsume or Jujube. The Chinese date.

Kuko or Goji berries.
The Chinese medicine claims that 3 jujubes and 10 goji berries a day would keep you young forever.

3 jujubes : about 20 cal
10 gojis : about 20 cal

Other dry fruits. Here raisins, apricots, currents. Wild blueberries and cranberries are nice too. They bring iron and anti-oxidants. And I rarely have those fruits fresh. They don’t grow here (the berries), or they are weird and suspect (the grapes that “you shouldn’t eat their skin”, the watery supermarket “blueberries” that taste like cucumber) or… I don’t why we don’t get them more easily (Nagano produces lots of apricot, and they keep them there).

10 raisins : about 15 cal
1 apricot : about 16 cal

Chili pepper. The red one. I think that helps you fight the little Winter miseries like colds and flues, and that makes you stronger to face Summer humidity and heat.

Walnuts or flax seeds. They bring the good fat, the rare omegas.
In addition, I eat other nuts like almonds, cashews, macadamia, pistacchio… more rarely peanuts in their shells.
2 walnuts (8g)
Cal 48 F4.6g C0.8g P1.9g

Cocoa. Here chips of cocoa paste (or cocoa mass). Unsweetened cocoa powder is good too.
To get the mood and health benefits of chocolate, without the sugar and excess of fat.
3 chips weight 5 g :
Cal 32 F2.7g C1.4g P0.7g

Citrus. Here a kumquat. I try to get the local and season ones. Mikan (mandarine oranges), yuzu, kabosu lemon, sudachi lemon… or grapefruit, ugly, orange, etc.

A kumquat 13 cal

I often eat those food as snack (except the chili) or I use them as ingredient.

So a set makes :
20 + 20 + 15 + 48 + 32 + 13 = 188 calories
It’s better to have that than a mini junk-food treat.

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