Today’s bibimbab…double daikon.

You’ll see it often here. I could even make a bibimbap category.
Korean “mixed rice”… the recipe is simple
-very hot rice : I put the riceit the plate and re-heat it in the oven, or I use a special bowl that is also heated in the oven , then I pass sesame oil and put freshly cooked rice on it
-a variety of ingredients, raw, pickled and cooked veggies, seafood, kimchi, meat…
-a little kochijan sauce
-often an egg (especially if there is no meat nor seafood)
To eat : mix everything quickly.
You can add a few spoons of soup if it’s too dry (and if you have soup).

Today : Double serving of hatsuga genmai rice, kimchi, boiled mushrooms, daikon radish leaves and stalks (slightly passed in hot water), very small daikon roots, egg, sesame seeds, kochijan sauce and a few drops of fragrant dark sesame oil.

Cal 548 F16.3g C75.4g P27.5g

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