Flan de tofu au jus de legumes

I’ve read a bit quickly the post about a “tofu and vegetable juice cakes” from Dragonlife, the Shizuokan blogger. As I had a leftover of veggie and fruit smoothie (parsley, kiwi, currents, lemon and matcha), I have thrown tofu, eggs and honey into the blender. Put in the oven.

Then I thought : “Oh that’s like ‘oeufs aux lait’. I’ll never be able to take it away from the mold. ”
Yeah, I checked too late. There was flour in the original recipe. There is often flour in cakes.
After cooling it, that was very good, something between cheesecake and custard. Next time I’ll put it in individual cups.

The whole “cake” :
Cal 551.5 F18.3g C77.4g P27.2g

2 thoughts on “Flan de tofu au jus de legumes

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