Hokke and fresh midori

Hokke (Hokkaido macquerel) salted fish, grilled. Lime.
Green soba noodles, bok choy, fresh puree (lime, red onion, parsley).
The fish is very salty, so I don’t put any salt in the other dish.
Midori is green, like Spring greenery, nature.

C 416 F8.4g C48.7g P37.4g

Fr :
Hokke (maquereau d’Hokkaido sale comme du haddock) grille. Citron vert.
Nouille soba vertes, bok choy and puree fresh (pulpe de citron vert, oignon, persil). Ce plat n’est pas du tout sale car le poisson l’est un peu trop. Midori, c’est la verdure, la nature.

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