Mousse au lait de mangue – Milky mango mousse

A mango, skim milk powder and gelatine turned into a mousse. A few bits of mango in it. Decorated with this week’s edible flower (carnations, aren’t they ?).

2 servings
Cal : 197.4 F0.3g C30g P16.9g

Recipe :
For 2 cups
50 g of cubes of mango
75 g of mango
1/2 cup of lukewarm water
B :
5 g of powdered gelatine
1/2 cup very hot (not boiling) water
C :
20 g of skim milk powder
1 cup of water with ice-cubes (if your blender accept them, otherwise very cold water)

You may want to add a little sugar if the fruit is not too mature.

In the blender, mix A.
In a teacup, prepare the gelatine with hot water, stir well. Add into blender. Mix.
Add C. Mix well until you get a creamy texture with lots of foam.
Place the cream and the cubes of mango in 2 cups. Put in the fridge 1 hour.

Rem :
It’s very simple, but I think the result depends on your blender. I have a small one (like those to prepare baby food), and I do that in 2 minutes, I obtain the foam imediatly. I have seen recipes where they mix after adding the gelatine. Then they put the cream in the fridge until it becomes “half-solid”, they mix again, and refrigerate again.

Fr :
De la mangue, du lait ecreme en poudre et un peu de gelatine. Dedans, des cubes de mangue. Dessus, des oeillets comestibles.

Recette (2 bols):
50 g de cubes de mangue
75 g de mangue
1/2 tasse d’eau assez chaude
B :
5 g de gelatine en poudre
1/2 tasse d’eau tres chaude, pas bouillante
C :
20 g de lait ecreme en poudre
1 tasse d’eau et glacons (si le mixer les accepte, sinon de l’eau glacee)

Vous pouvez ajouter du sucre a la mangue si elle n’est pas tres mure.

Dans un mixeur a bol, mixer A.
Dans une tasse, preparer la gelatine, bien la diluer dans l’eau chaude. Mettre dans le mixeur. Mixer
Ajouter C. Mixer jusqu’a ce que vous obteniez une texture cremeuse et tres mousseuse.
Verser cette creme dans 2 bols et ajouter les cubes de fruit. Mettre une heure au frigo.

6 thoughts on “Mousse au lait de mangue – Milky mango mousse

  1. Salut!
    Cette mousse est si jolie!! J’aimerais bien l’essayer 🙂 I don’t even know if the grammar and spelling is correct. Apologies, mon francais est atroce!
    How are you enjoying Japon? I’ve had so many people I know live there and now there is no one. Still have to visit before this life ends… ugh.. how morbid! Thanks for sharing 🙂 SVP, est-ce possible d’avoir la recette? J’adore bien la mangue 😉

  2. Merci ! Le francais est parfait ! Anyway, in Asia, I have received a training to read in people’s mind, in case I have no idea what language they speak. LOL. I really enjoy every minute I pass in Japan, and there were countless already, those minutes.
    I’m adding the recipe.
    A bientot !

  3. *jumpy claps!* THANK YOU so much for posting the recipe. Cannot wait to try 🙂 The mangoes in the stores will have to fear me buwhahahaa…

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