Lake shellfish -coquillages de lac

Shijimi clams in miso soup.

The shijimi are very small shellfish that likes in lakes and rivers in Japan. Their family name is Corbiculidae in English… They are said to be excellent at “detoxing” your liver. I mean if you have drunk too much alcohol.
That soup doesn’t require dashi stock. I let the shellfish in water a few minutes to allow them to release their sand or whatever, then directly into boiling water, I add a big sip of sake, then the miso. There are a few strings of napa cabbage too.

Fr : Les shijimis sont de tous petits coquillages de lacs et rivieres japonais. Leur nom de famille est Corbiculidae en francais. J’ai pas mieux… donc, je dis “shijimi”. On dit qu’ils depurent le foie charge d’alcool. Il n’y aurait pas de cirrhose dans les villages de pecheurs de shijimis, et vu que c’est quand meme au Japon, ca ne peut pas etre du a l’absence de beuverie, ca vient forcement des coquillages.

The sides are a bowl of rice (mix of white Akita komachi, black sticky rices and a little sorghum) with an umeboshi (pickled plum), and “baby leaves” with goji berries, pumpkin seeds, sweet onion. Dressing is black vinegar and olive oil.

Cal 418.1 F11.2g C52.1g P18.0g

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