Torimomoniku no misozuke yaki…

Short title, you can surely repeat at first try. Oh, I’m not ever sure of the transcription, I will always have doubts about the s~tsu~z variation in Japanese, and I’m too lazy to check…
Behind the long barbaric appelation, that’s “miso chicken”, well chiken leg, marinated in miso (plus lots of sake and a dash of soy sauce) and roast.
Adapted from a book of Suzuki Tokiko (a Japanese granny teaching old style cooking).
I took a chicken breast. Made holes in the meat with a fork. Marinating time is short, about 10 minutes.
Miso burns easily. So I have steam-cooked the chicken marinade half-way (till it’s half-cooked) and roasted it in oven for the last 5 minutes.
Serve it cut, so people can eat it with chopsticks.

There is a soup (no miso) of fresh wakame, with dried daikon radish and powdered dry fish.
Sashimi konnyaku, I made the sauce with the bird’s marinade, so nothing is wasted, added rice vinegar and nutty freshly milled white sesame.
Rice with hatomugi (Job’s tears grain).

With 2 servings of rice :
C 613 F11.7g C83.0g P43.3g

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