Sekihan (red rice)

Sekihan, red rice is rice cooked with the red water in which you cook the azuki beans, with a few beans added to it.
Mine is a bid redder than the average as I have added lots of beans.

It is often made with mochigome (sticky rice) in which case it is cooked differently, in a steamer, not a rice cooker. Today, I used regular Akita komachi Japanese rice, in the rice cooker.
It’s a dish for special days as red, or more precisely the combination of red and white, is a good luck color.
Red rice is served with a little gomashio, a mix of salt and sesame.

Black and white sesame, and natural (wet) Japanese sea salt.

1 bowl
Cal 207.3 F1.4g C41.8g P5.4g

12 thoughts on “Sekihan (red rice)

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  2. I’m going to look for Sekihan next time I’m at the japanese market! I have two right next to my place.

    Also, can I ask what your real name is? I feel like I ‘know’ you but I have no idea what your name is! 🙂

  3. My mom and my sister-in-law love sekihan. I’ve never liked it but I’m interested in making this for them, just to see if I can succeed. 🙂

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