Creme Budwig au riz rouge

Red rice Budwig cream.
Dr Kousmine and her friend scientist Ms Budwig propose their recipe of Bircher Muesli. It contains the oils and good omegas, the minerals and vitamins our body needs to start a healthy day.
That’s a breakfast… which means a brunch for me.

Budwig Cream generic recipe (you’ll find many variations on the web)
The idea is to very each day those ingredients so you get the benefits of different nuts, cereals, oils, and to follow seasons for fruits.

Wet :
A : dairy base (cottage cheese, yogurt, soy-gurt…) 4 tbs, a small bowl
B : sweetener (honey, pasted ripe 1/2 banana, brown sugar…) 1 tbs
C : cold press oil (flaxseed, olive, sesame-the white one…) 1 tbs
D : acid (1/2 lemon juice, acid citrus juice…) 1/2 cup
E : whole raw cereal but not wheat or grains with gluten (rice, buckwheat, oats, barley…) 1 tbs
F : nuts or seeds (flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds….) 1 tbs
G : fresh fruits – 3 servings

Mix very well the wet ingredients. Mill the dry ingredients just before (if you buy nuts or grains in their meal form, they lose taste and qualities quickly, their oils become rancid, less healthy).

Mix it in. Add chunks of fresh fruits.

Today’s Creme :

100 g yogurt
1 tbs cold press olive oil
1/2 banana pasted
1/2 cup grapefruit juice

Dry :
1 tbs red old rice
1 tbs flax seeds

Toppings (they are in season som’where) :

1/2 banana, 1/2 mango, 1/2 grapefruit

Cal448 F11.6g C85.1g P11.1g

Recently, old cultivars of rice have become popular. You thought that whole rice was brown, and polished rice was white. In fact, there exist many colors of rice skin. The black sticky rice starts to be known in the West. Here we can get red, green and green-beige Japanese rices. They call them “old rices”. 古代米 kodaimai ( ancient time rice)

Fr :
La creme Budwig est le “muesli” conseille par le Dr Kousmine. On trouve beaucoup de variantes de la recette.

La base :

Elements liquides :
A : un laitage (fromage blanc, yahourt, mais aussi laitage de soja…) 4 cs, un petit bol
B : un element sucre (miel, 1/2 banane mure ecrasee, cassonade…) 1 cs
C : huile pressee a froid (lin, olive, sesame-celle qui est incolore…) 1 cs
D : acide (1/2 jus de citron ou autre agrume…) 1/2 verre
Elements secs :
E : une cereale entiere cru, mais pas de ble ni grains contenant du gluten (riz, sarrasin, orge…) 1 cs
F : une noix ou graine (graines de lin, noix, noisettes, amandes, pepins de potiron….) 1 cs
G : fruits frais – 3 portions

Moudre les noix et cereales au dernier moment.
Ici : yahourt, banane mure, huile d’olive, jus de pamplemousse, graines de lin, riz rouge.
Dessus : banane, pamplemousse et mangue.

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