The azuki saga : Mr Mushi-pan

Azuki beans on matcha steamed bread.
This is my *very reasonable* and quick version of very caloric snack very popular in Japan. Note that the green mushi-pans (steamed bread) can also be colored by leaves of a common wild plant called “yomugi”. The commercial version is very sweet (the 2 floors).
My mushi-pan is simply 1/3 cup of flour, matcha, baking powder, a little vinegar (acidity favors foaming), a ts of sugar, 2 ts of oil.
The traditional way is to steam in a basket over a pot of boiling water… but that also works in the microwave (5 minutes a 200 watts) in sillicone trays.
The beans, added later, are sweetenen by no-calorie sweetener lakanto.

1 serving (3 small squares) :
Cal165.5 F1.7g C32.1g P5.2g

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