Torimune chirashi-zushi – Bird sushi

This a very classical example… of a totally invented dish : “the white chicken party sushi ”

Sekihan rice “red-rice” sushi bed (brown rice, azuki beans, rice vinegar, salt, sugar), topped with slow-boiled chicken breast, umeboshi (pickled plum), pickled shiso, wasabi, goma seeds.
The soup is simply the chicken and ginger broth, lots of celery leaves, more slices of ginger and kobana-fu ( flower gluten-croutons).

Cal 533.2 F11.1g C85.3g P36.0g

The “fu” or gluten croutons exist in many shapes and colors, matching the seasons. These are called kobana-fu (small flower croutons).

They expand in the soup :

Umeboshi, the pickled plums owe their pink color to red shiso (perilla). The pickled red shiso is sometimes left in the box, like here. I have used it for my “sushi”.

chirashizushi chirashi-sushi (spreaded over sushi) that I’ve called “party sushi” is convenient for parties, as you can make it as large as you wish, for many guests.
There is always a layer of sushi-meshi (sushi rice). Heat slightly your rice vinegar, add salt and sugar as you wish and pour on rice (still a little hot), mix well while ventilating with a fan to get shiny rice. I have added white sesame to the rice.
Then display toppings.
Raw chicken meat sushi exist, I’m not a big fan. My chicken was boiled slowly with a little ginger, and I’ve let it cool overnight in its broth. You can see grated wasabi, umeboshi, and pickled shiso. Black sesame on the meat.

6 thoughts on “Torimune chirashi-zushi – Bird sushi

  1. That looks good! chicken and ginger is right up my alley. And I love those croutons! I’ll have to check out my asian grocery store to see if I can find some.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. I’ve seen those floating croutons in my local Korean grocery store but never knew what they were used for. Now I know. Thanks! : )

  3. I love “fu”! 🙂 I was just talking to my mom about those because she used some in her soup and I asked her what it was made of, but she didn’t really know. She thought it might be tofu. Do you know if it is rice – gluten based? Or is it a tofu derivative? The chicken seki-han looks great even though I’m not a fan of sekihan. 🙂 Very creative!

    • The main ingredient of “fu” is always gluten (from wheat). The kanji 麩 means “wheat gluten” or “seitan”.
      There is some wheat or sticky rice flour in the “croutons” I have, colorings and flavoring too… I always check the labels carefully because, sometimes that’s not natural at all.
      I don’t think tofu is often included, but your mother may have used other soup elements like “Koya-dofu” (freeze-dry tofu) and decorations made of yuba (dried soy milk sheets).

      Wikipedia’s article is interesting :

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