Posotbap (Korean rice and mushroom, from Beyond Koreanfornian blog)

I did the recipe of “Korean monk meal” from Tamar’s blog

So bap… is rice, today mine is pink thanks to a grain called “takakibi” (more info later).

Posot stands for mushrooms. I have used a few dried shiitake. Their taste is very strong, you wouldn’t eat a large serving of them.

And a full pack of shimeji mushrooms, that have very shallow flavor… and you’d find boring to have only them.

As “banchan” side veggies : dices of daikon radish, steamed napa cabbage and kimchi. The monks wouldn’t have kimchi… so, trim the red object on the photo if you are a strict bonze.

Double serving of rice :
C475.4 F7.4g C95.1g P15.9g

10 thoughts on “Posotbap (Korean rice and mushroom, from Beyond Koreanfornian blog)

  1. Oh man I love Korean food… There is a great place near me and their bebimbap (sp?) is awesome and they have wonderful tofu stew with dumplings… this looks amazing!

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  3. The mushrooms look so delicious. I love them all – shimeji, shiitake hiratake, you name it. Korean food is one of my favorite cuisines.

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