Clafoutis (Limousin’s baked cherry crepe)

Clafoutis is a classical French dessert. It has to be done with cherries, ideally with “merises” the wild French cherries, but other red cherries will do. It originates from the French region of Limousin.
The batter is the same as that for the crepes (thin pancakes), and originally, when people had no small ovens at home, that was a thick crepe cooked in a pan, in the fireplace.

The stones of the fruits are left inside, not because we are lazy. Well, not only.
Primo, inside it, there is an almond, and while you cook the dessert, a certain bitter almond flavor is transmitted to the dish. That’s the noyau flavor (fruit stone flavor). So don’t add the Christmas cookie spice mix or strong flavorings to this recipe, if you want to feel it.
Segundo, the cherries are not cut, their juice don’t mix into the raw batter, they cook inside the fruits and juice and flavor is released later, when it is caramelised.
Tertio… people eat too fast nowadays. The fast-food addicts will broke their teeth on this dessert and that will give them a lesson that might save their life on the long term… Who knows ?

Batter (for 1 cup of cherries) :
1 egg
2 tbs of all purpose flour
1 cup of milk
1 “walnut” of unsalted butter (about 5g) or a ts of oil
1 tbs sugar
Brandy, rhum or vanilla essence (I prefer just vanilla)

Beat all the ingredients together, add more milk of necessary to obtain a liquid batter. Then, you can either let it sit 1 hour (to allow the liquid to fully wet the flour)… or mix it 3 minutes in the blender.

Clean the cherries, but don’t dry them. Rub them with 1 ts of sugar.

Place the cherries in a nice low dish that can be used in the oven, or in individual dishes. Pour the batter on them.

Bake 25 minutes (for a small one, I bake in the oven toaster), at moderate heat.
It will go up a little… or a lot like a souffle :

But later it will fall down… After 25 minutes, I spread 1 ts of sugar and a few thin slices of butter. I bake again, at hotter temperature (220 C) for 5 to 10 minutes, until the top is golden and the cherries release their juice.
Take out of oven. Spread more sugar.

Serve when it’s lukewarm or cooled.

(for the recipe’s ingredients, about 2.5 servings)
Cal 470.5 F13.4g C71.3g P16.8g

P.S. : don’t eat the stones !

7 thoughts on “Clafoutis (Limousin’s baked cherry crepe)

  1. I’ve never had clafoutis. This is exactly why I love foodbuzz. I get introduced to delicious recipes that I would have never known about before. I really want to try this! Thanks for sharing.

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