Baked-fried plantain chips and green gaspacho

The idea was to fry the plantains without using too much oil.

I’m not a specialist in plantains. It seems shape and size varies. These come from the Philippines, it’s totally exotic in Japan, the supermarket recommend to “cook them like potatoes and they will taste like bananas” or something similar.
So I took off the skin with my finger. Sliced them. Rinced them in salty water. Heated a little oil in a flat pan and flavored it with garlic. When the oil was hot, I added the slices, cooked them both sides. Then I place them on a wire and baked about 20 minutes. I took them out, wipe the oil, let them a few minutes and reheated under the broiler a few minutes so they were “dry” and crispy, and soft inside. Just added a little natural salt. For the second batch (not in photos), I have cut thinner round slices. They were easier to cook, crispier but a little fatter.

The green gaspacho is made of tomato paste, cucumber, green bell pepper, a bit of chili pepper, young onion, balsamico and salt.

For the 2 plantains and gaspacho :
Cal 416.5 F10.3g C84.3g P6.3g

6 thoughts on “Baked-fried plantain chips and green gaspacho

    • The thing is I am not equipped to deep-fry, as that’s something I rarely do. So many eateries in Japan do only that… I have my dosis of tempura when I eat outside…
      I didn’t even have enough oil in the house. That came out great.

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