What could be fresher than fresh ginger ? White breeze lunch.

Somen ?

…or myoga ?

The coolissime Japanese vermicelli swimming among ice cube…or the pink baby ginger shoot ?
Let’s have both. Plus ginger !

I was craving for somen after reading about them on Bebe Love Okazu Blog. We eat a lot of those wheat flour vermicelli in Japan in Summer. But I had not had them yet this year.

Read more about myoga here.

Slice the myoga. Steam and refresh some shirasu fishbait. Grate some ginger.

Make a tsuyu : a ts of dried fish powder, 1 tbs of mirin, 2 tbs of light-salt soy sauce. Add more mirin if you want sweeter, more salt if you want saltier (but don’t forget the fishbait saltiness). Bring to boil, stop the stove. Forget in the pan at least 10 minutes. Pour on ice-cubes when the noodles are ready. Surely you don’t want the fish powder in the tsuyu, so you can pour it through a mesh strainer, a coffee filter… or from the start, fill the powder in paper bag for tea, and take it away at the end.

Boil and refresh your somen. That’s it ! Dip your somen in the tsuyu and schlurp…

For more proteins, a plate very cold hand-made momen tofu (with shichimi 7 spice mix).

Eat your greens. White cucumber and aonori seaweed flakes.

(2 servings of somen)

Cal 474.5 F7.0g C74.8g P26.7g


7 thoughts on “What could be fresher than fresh ginger ? White breeze lunch.

  1. I’ve tried growing my own ginger, but have had trouble getting it to start. I love all the fresh ingredients. Japanese cuisine is something I wish was more accessible in Bulgaria. Thanks for sharing!

    • I have never tried it, but I’ve heard that you could let the ginger germinate in a dark place, and when it starts to grow put it in earth. Well, that depends on the root you get at the start, if the piece is too small, it never germs, only dries. Good luck !

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