Vautes aux cerises (cherry old style pancake)

In old times, people from my place had plenty of fruits… but no oven to bake cake. So they would make the “vautes”. Thicker than a crepe, less fat than a donut would be the definition.

This is the origine of the recipe (also the true origine of most tasty cakes in the world, but we are rarely credited).
It is probably the ancestor of the clafoutis that became famous in Limousin (a region in the middle of the pancake) and I made last month.

The flavor comes from Kirsch, a liquor made from cherries in the North-East of France and nearby areas.

Batter (for 3 vautes of 20 cm) :
1 egg
75 g all-purpose flour
25 g corn starch
1 ts vanilla sugar
100 ml water + 30 ml kirsch cherry liquor
1/2 ts of baking powder or of soda (optional)

Old style : You beat all the ingredients. You wait 2 hours. You beat again.
New style : You mix all the ingredients in the blender. Wait 5 minutes. Blend again.

You take fruits, like fresh cherries :

Heat a pan on medium heat. Pour good amount of neutral oil (for old style : lard, I used white sesame oil), when it’s hot pour the excess of oil in a cup.
Pour 1/3 of the batter. After 30 seconds, place the cherries.

Cover. When the batter is solid, it’s time to flip the vaute. Make it slip on a plate. Re-oil the pan and quickly flip the plate. Cover and cool a few more minutes.
Sprinkle lots of vanilla sugar. Serve with hot coffee.

Don’t expect an American-style pancake. It’s more like a pudding.

Then, if you have eaten up all your cherries, you can make some with kiwis, and eat them with ume-kiwi jam.

In Winter, you can make them plain, shaped like a map of France (or not…), and eat them with jam.
My grand-mother wouldn’t cook lunch on Wednesdays -the day French kids don’t go to school and suffer intensive spoiling by grand-parents. We would have such pancakes with fruits and jam as a meal.

Second half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

First half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

14 thoughts on “Vautes aux cerises (cherry old style pancake)

  1. Hi – I’m intrigued by this as I’ve never heard of them before (even though my French ‘host’ mother is from Lorraine – I’ll have to tell her off! I love, when I make crepes, eating the first one that’s usually messed up, a little too thick and gooey – is that similar to what this is like? If so I’m going to love it… 🙂

    • Yes, I guess it’s the thicker extreme a crepe can attain. LOL
      That’s really old style casual cooking, what people would make quickly when nobody would buy snacks for the kids.
      Of course, the thin crepes from Bretagne are now very popular in Lorraine too. And when there are no fruits added, I prefer the thin version.

  2. This is beautiful. I’m so very intrigued by the consistency; being more like a pudding than pancake. I’m from the Paris area and have never seen it before. I definitely must try it. Thank you.

    • J’ai un peu habite a Nancy aussi, c’est sur que les desserts y sont plus elabores.
      On dirait que j’ai ramene a la vie une antiquite de rase campagne, il y a peu de gens qui semblent encore connaitre le terme “vautes” ou meme en faire encore.

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