Gua Bao emergency

One night, you are struck by an urgent craving for those small Chinese pork roast sands… What can you do ? Call the firemen ? Get out of your house and check the food stalls : takoyaki, yakitori, surperfat-me sands, takoyaki, ramen, takoyaki… Not the good place for gua bao.

BUT, if you don’t live in a country where pork is prohibited for some legal reason, your nearby butcher or supermarket probably sells pork roast. They know people are so lazy. In my next-door supermarket, they roast some. And yes, I thought about it at 9:59 pm and they close at 10. There are 24/365 supermarkets in Osaka, but this one has real butchers and superb meats.
It’s longly slow-cooked pork belly in sweet soy sauce, soft, soft and the cut is not very fat. Another day I’ll make mine, but that take hours.
Do they have bao style steamed-buns ? No, and well, they are closing. I’ll make real ones another day too.

Here is the rescue recipe :
200 second bao :

Mix 20 g of gluten-enriched rice flour (wheat flour OK), 1/4 ts baking powder, 1/4 ts oil and enough water to get a liquid batter. Beat. Transfer in a flat nukeable recipient, like a sillicone tartelette mold.
Micro-wave at 500 W, 3 minutes. You obtain a circle of soft bread with really a nice texture for so little effort.

Re-heat the meat with mungo bean sprouts. Spread some Chinese sauce of your choice (tobanjan, for instance) inside your bun, fill with the meat, the sprouts, mizuna leaves, parsley. Fold the bun.
Yeah ! Guapo ! Guapisimo !

1 bun, garnished :
Cal 151.2 F4.9g C17.6g P8.5g

Second half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

First half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

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