Go~ya champloo~ and Okinawan soba

A dinner around “go~ya”, the bitter cucumber very popular in Okinawa.

Okinawans are said to be the healthiest people on earth. It’s because their diet is perfect : donuts with sugar, root-beer, white noodles, pork, strong alcohol, hamburgers on white rice, strong alcohol, fried food, strong alcohol, sugar…
You want that diet too ? Oh, wait : to get the super long life benefit, it seems they also have to eat fakir food, like this bitter vegetable, and lots of rabbit food.

Seriously, I didn’t go there to make a survey about their diet. The thing is half of the ingredients they have, all those rare tropical plants, rarely reach the markets of other places.
But I can tell you that the go~ya can be excellent. And eating bitter food is a good way to make your body feel good in hot weather.

“Champloo~” or “champuru-u” is Okinawan stir-fry. Served with soba, in Okinawan style. And boiled sweet potato.

Making the go~ya tofu and egg champuru~

go~ya, niga-uri, bitter squash…

Slicing them finely, salting lightly and letting 15 minutes makes them less bitter.

“Hi ! Yes, I’m a boiled pig trotter…!”. Okinawans sometimes do it with… spam. I’ve eaten spam once, by accident. That’s not for me. Well, since then, when I see the word in a recipe, I look for a spam-free version…
So first in a little neutral oil (the sesame fragrant oil is NOT for cooking), cook a little the piglet, keep aside.

Cook the eggs into a texture of scramble eggs.

Add the go-ya, and all the other ingredients (tofu, pork, sauces).

The tofu. It was pressed 15 minutes (between plates) to get the water out, then broken like on the photo. You’d better have tofu with that texture. If you know “firm tofu” (cotton tofu, momen-dofu), well it’s firmer. It’s Chinese style, hand-made style.

Flavor : soy sauce, a little sake. Stir and cook 2 minutes.
Serve, topped with fragrant sesame oil and katsuoboshi fish flakes.

Preparing the island soba :

Fragrant sesame oil, garlic, salt, chili pepper… 20 minutes, and that makes the seasoning of the soba (juwari, cooked, refreshed). Toppings are fresh “shima yasai” (island greens), well, fresh what you have. So shima nira, shima parsley and shima “spinach”… anything is from island in Japan.

The potatoes, simply :

Cal 548 F24.0g C61.7g P25.6g

Second half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

First half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

11 thoughts on “Go~ya champloo~ and Okinawan soba

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  2. I am not a great fan of bitter cucumber but the way it is shown in your recipe is interesting. I am going to give it a try in a similar way…. and I didn’t know Okinawans are the healthiest people on earth. This is a great topic for me to research. Nice post!

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  6. This looks really delicious. I love how the bitter gourd is cooked. Thanks very much for sharing about the Okinawa diet. I would love to check that out.

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