Daring Baker Challenge June 2010 : Chocolate Pas-Vlova

Here it is… in the shadow, because I don’t want to frighten you. In fact, it’s so hot… that I waited the end of the day. It’s rainy season. I don’t have air-conditioning.

So this the Daring Baker Challenge. The hostess this month is Dawn from the blog “doable and delicious

That was a fun experience. I thought the challenge was about being creative. In fact, it’s about baking in an “exotic” or “anachronic” way.
I grinned a little… but I’m glad I did it. I’m impressed by what the others Daring Bakers did.

The title is :
Chocolate Pavlovas with Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse

cocoa meringue +
Grand-Marnier Mascarpone chocolate mousse +
Sambuco creme anglaise (bavaroise)

Not the light and elegant “Pavlova” from New-Zealand / Australia, also popular in England. It’s an American version.

The recipe comes from “Chocolate Epiphany” by Francois Payard.

I didn’t know him. I checked a few videos on the net where he gives recipes. He is said to be from France, and well he is playing the caricatural French chef that put tons of double cream on everything and serves desserts at 2000 cal per serving. And that seems popular in New-York. Tastes and colors…

According to the recipe, he even makes his “creme anglaise” with American cream. Just to say that in normal times, I’m as likely to make his style of desserts than I am to recreate something of Careme.

But… a challenge is a challenge. I simply “un-creamed” a little, refreshed a little.

First try :

The meringue is like a piece of plastic… and I can’t put my oven between 40 and 100 degree Celsius. So I looked for another recipe.

Beating eggs by that heat… Yeah ! Actually that’s OK. The thing is the change of meringue recipe. So the first try :

I did a Swiss meringue. The sugar is added while the bowl is heated at 60 degrees. And for a meringue, you start beating slow, less slow, moderate pace, quick, fast…. super-fast ! And you should not stop to rest.
I took a good sweat.

Then with cocoa and sugar.

That looks like a chocolate mousse.

After baking :

It’s good ! They are really nice, not Pavlova meringue, more like vacherin meringue.
Oh, they WERE nice. They take the humidity in half a day in this season. They stayed dry half a day. I should have buyed dessicant to store them.

I made the “creme anglaise” (normally that’s a custard without cream but with milk) by replacing the milk by Summer orange juice. And I added the Grand-Marnier there. And the rest of the orange. And well… it’s so hot : into the ice-cream maker.

The “mousse” was made with Hokkaido cream cheese (low sodium), chocolate, cocoa and coffee. And also iced (it would stay normally… but it’s so hot today, I ate it as a mousse.)

A few cherries to say there were fruits. Anis seeds, to replace the Sambuco.

The taste ?
The first try was not bad… because I ate only the mousse, with kiwis, and my first try of sauce was lemon flavored.
This time.
The mousse : it was frozen. Freezing it makes it less “heavy”. That could be good for Christmas.
The meringue : it’s good… but too big, too much sugar in one serving for me.
The anglaise : it’s surely not something for that weather. But frozen, with orange, it’s a good ice-cream. I’ll be happy to finish what is left in my freezer.
The anise : I like it.

The 4 together. Honestly, no ! I had to eat it because it was melting and the meringue already wet.
So the biggest part of the challenge for me, that was to eat the creation. LOL

Orange/Grand Marnier and chocolate, usually I like… but with “dark” choco, no dairy (cheese) after-taste. Skip the cheese for me.

And, 1/4th of a meringue with coffee, that would be nice. Maybe I’ll so some again, smaller… in another season.
BTW, I had too much meringue mix as the oven is too small… so I kind of steamed the left-over :


A small amount, served refreshed was nice, even if I wouldn’t make it on purpose.

Voila !

Second half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

First half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

16 thoughts on “Daring Baker Challenge June 2010 : Chocolate Pas-Vlova

  1. Wow I love how you made the modified recipes to suit your hot climate it is very hard to make these when very hot and humid. Super effort on this challenge and I have to admit your photos looks stunning.Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

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    • They are sillicone molds. That’s not really a set, I buy them one by one at the local supermarket. They are very popular because you can use them to cook, freeze and also many people use them to separate food in their lunch-box bento.

  3. Wow. You kept trying–I give you props for that. It was a very rich dessert and too heavy on the cream. I think all of the parts separately would be wonderful, though. I’m just glad I made pretty small ones.

  4. I agree with you about all the richness of this dessert. I liked your creativity in lowering calories and working on such hot weather! I’m sure it tasted very good! I made bite sized pavlovas to contrast with all its richness!

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  6. Love how you molded your mocha mousse and as Audax mentioned, adjusted the ingredients to suit the weather. That’s the mark of a true chef. Beautiful pavlovas!! I wish I had molded my mousse in these great ring molds I have..then I wouldn’t have ended up overbeating it to soften it out of the fridge! LOL

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