Chakin egg sushi, natsu chirashi and pink lotus root tsukemono

Chakin 茶市 is a piece of fabric used to wipe accessories during tea ceremony. So this is chakin-zushi or a fukusa-zushi.
Classic filling is sushi rice and rehydrated dry vegetables (shiitake, daikon), and a shrimp is added to them.

Today I filled with some Summer chirashi(-zushi), it’s big dish sushi garnished with tsukemono (veggie pickles).

Cook rice on sushi mode (nearly al dente) or reheat some genmai brown rice. Add the vinegar (just black vinegar for me) and sesame seeds, mix while you make fresh air with a fan.

Quick tsukemono : shredded cucumber, daikon radish, carrot and goya, salt, a little black vinegar… wait 20 minutes.

Squeeze liquid out of veggies and combine with rice. It’s a Summer style chirashi.

For the tamago wrap, beat eggs, a little soy sauce, mirin, a little sugar and 1 ts of cornstarch (mixed with 1 tbs of water) per egg. Beat well. You make 3 or 4 with 2 medium sized eggs.
Making nice thin yellow wraps is not complicated : pass your eggs to get rid of bubbles, heat a pan, pass oil with a paper, pour eggs, and cook very slowly. Turn when it’s solid, cook very little the second side. I had the patience for one. LOL. Another is “golden”… and the third (photo above) shrinked because overcooked. Too hot today…

Wrap and fix with yellow nira.

One is perfect… enough for the photo.

The over-cooked one was cut and added to the chirashi.

Renkon is the root of lotus flower. It looks like a long radish but it has funny holes inside.

I don’t like it raw. So I peeled, sliced, salted, let 15 minutes, rinsed, boiled 1 minute, rinsed. It is still very crispy.

It’s a umboshi (plum pickle) colored with shiso. I took the flesh and some vinegar to add to the lotus roots.

In the fridge till the next day.

(for the meal with 1/2 of the chirashi dish on the photo)
Cal 338 F7.8g C62.8g P14.4g

All meals of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

10 thoughts on “Chakin egg sushi, natsu chirashi and pink lotus root tsukemono

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    • Actually, you could eat it, as there is no shrimp in this one. I meant that they often add one in shops. It’s easier to make than it seems.

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