Trois bols de fraicheurs…

Hot weather… small meals… light meals… no cooking…

Salade aux calamars et pois chiches
Starting with a calamari leg salads (after letting salty water, I had taken away the hard bits and briefly boiled them), with apple vinegar, coriander, bell pepper and chick peas.

Taboule compose
Whole couscous (uncooked), sudachi lemon juice and slices, tomato, molokheya and flat parsley (juiced), chick peas, raw corn. Let overnight in the fridge, the semolina cooks in the juices. Before serving, added shredded molokheya leaves, mini-tomatoes, fava beans.

Sides are slices mushrooms, bathed in tomato’s juice, tomatoes, sardines in olive oil (with black vinegar poured on them). Shredded basil leaves…

Something sweet :

Creme fleurie et fruitee

Cream made of juice of 1/2 of a Summer orange, a ripe banana, tofu, blended into a cream, cooled. Cubes of fresh pineapple. Petals of rose.

4 thoughts on “Trois bols de fraicheurs…

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