Sashimi sudachi somen

Sashimi, raw slices of salmon and tai fish.
Somen, white vermicelli noodles.
Sudachi, small green lemon.

All that refreshed by ice-cubes. I poured a little sudachi juice on the fish 15 minutes before.
In a cup, the rest of juice + soy sauce = sudachi ponzu. I added ice-cubes, a little water.
Shredded a cucumber, added to the veggies that came with the sashimi (shredded daikon radish, sprouts, leaves of shiso). Boiled the somen noodles, 2 min, refreshed.

The marinated fish.

Cal : 314 F3.2g C45.3g P27.0g

Another somen meal :

What could be fresher than fresh ginger ? White breeze lunch.

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