A la soupe ! Au pistou.

La soupe au pistou is a standard of Provence’s cuisine.
It’s very easy, boil season veggies, add vermicelli pasta (or not). Make a pistou (pesto), and add it to the soup at the moment of serving. A cup of pistou is also proposed to guests that want to add more.

Why adding the seasoning at the end ? Because boiling your pistou would change its flavor not in the good way. If you make soup for several days, stock both the soup and pistou separately.
(the dish was not dirty, it’s because I cooked the pasta in broth in it, LOL)

Here my pistou is super-basic (basil, garlic, good olive oil, natural salt). You can see kabocha pumpkin, it’s unlikely to see it in Provence. The rest is very plausible.

Another version with tomato and zucchini :
la pistou

The “long cooking veggies”, potato, onion, kabocha.
Then adding cauliflower.

Later, fava beans, tomato, then celery stalk.

Pasta baked in broth separately (as I wanted to keep some veggies not mixed).
Then add the rest : all vegetables “al dente”.

Cal 410.6 F10.6g C70.1g P18.0g

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