Tokoroten cherry…

Do you remember the cube of freshness dessert ?

Cubes of refreshment : heart-heaven in black sweetness

Let’s make it. It is easy (adjust proportion according to recommendation on package of your agar powder).
-In a sauce pan, mix 400 ml of water, a pack of agar powder, a ts of honey.
-Bring to a boil. Boil 2 minutes. Add some kirsch cherry liquor. (boil 30 seconds if you want to get out the alcohol strength).
-Place pitted and cut cherries in a dish. Cover with the liquid.
-When it’s cooled, refrigerate.

Cut into the shape you want (or you can…).

With ice-cubes…

…and iced “wheat matcha” (wheat leaves prepared like matcha, it’s a non-cafein alternative, cheaper and full of green vitamin), and kuro mitsu black sugar syrup :

Cool tea time !

Cherry almond latte. Almond milk + juiced fresh cherries + cherry tokoroten.

home-made almond milk

4servings (without sauce nor syrup)
Cal 144 F0.1g C20.9g P0.9g

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

4 thoughts on “Tokoroten cherry…

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  2. Mmmm….love this. I love jellies. This is perfect for summer…refreshing and delicious. I would love to make soon. It’s quite along time I have not make agar agar jelly. Thanks for reminding.

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