From red unagi to green vinegar. Summer food rainbow.

Nothing beats local season food.

Kabayaki unagi eel (from Kyushu). Reheated, read how here :
Unagi… fighting the heat with the Japanese eel

The first Japanese kabocha arrive now on market stalls.

Steamed garlic stalks, raw naga imo potato (Chinese yam).
naga-imo potato

Black rice + hatomugi. Hatomugi is a cereal that is said to cool you.

Other hatomugi dishes :

Chou farci au pied de cochon -Hatomugi cabbage roll
Mame gohan. Green peas and rice.

Green vinegar is one of those classical Japanese food that “makes you feel the season”.
The skin of a cucumber is grated and add to vinegar. I used black vinegar and a little sea salt.

Powdered dry sansho on the unagi, green vinegar on the naga imo.

(without the edamame and sake)
Cal 522.8 F18.7g C63.0g P26.7g

10 thoughts on “From red unagi to green vinegar. Summer food rainbow.

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  2. I thought I left the comment yesterday. Oh, well. No need to say that your photos are fantastic.
    i have an ingredient question: what do you do with garlic stems? I see them in my local Asian store, and would like to experiment. I have cooked with green garlic (similar to scallions), which has somewhat milder garlic flavor. Would garlic stems taste similar?
    Greetings from California!

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