Zaru soba variation

Simple zaru soba.
Simply twisted…

Zaru-soba is “basket soba”, soba buckwheat noodles boiled, refreshed in ice-water and drained in a bamboo basket.
Served with a tsuyu, it’s a cooled sweet soy sauce soup. You dip the noodles in it before schlurping them.

Today I used matcha soba. I made the dashi with dry fish in hot water, then added low-sodium soy sauce and for the sweetness awamori (Okinawan sweet sake).

About different soba noodles :
Guided tour of my soba closet

Red okras. That’s the first time I saw some. They were a bit “hard raw”, so I steamed them and poured black rice vinegar.

Aubergine noodles AKA nasu somen. This is a recipe from the bog of Shizuoka Gourmet. I recommend it, that’s simple and excellent.

With the same tsuyu as the soba.

Dessert is “torufa” (dessert tofu) that I bought, I added a little coconut milk, kuro mitsu (syrup), pumpkin seeds, goji berries, dried currants, cocoa.
About that “torufa” :
Sorbet de mangue petillant et fleur de tofu -Entremets chinois rafraichis (Chinese desserts in a French spoon)

(double serving of soba)
Cal 517 F5.4g C94.0g P24.7g

5 thoughts on “Zaru soba variation

  1. Ben dis-donc,tu t’est bien amusee!
    C’est joli tout ca!
    Bravo et merci pour le lien!
    C’est presque vegan, ca!
    je pense que tu vas recevoir beaucoup de visites sur la version anglaise!
    Bien cordialement,

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