Ayu hungry ?

This beautiful girl’s name is Ayu because she has the same smart eyes and glossy look as the famous Japanese pop star. Or is it the contrary ?
This fish carries the whole mood of Japanese Summer. It’s a little freshwater trout, excellent just now.

The taste is very light and delicate. The simple is the best : shio-yaki. Roasted with salt.
Empty the fish, rinse it, sprinkle a few grains of coarse natural sea salt (the kind that seems “wet”). Wait a little, 5 minutes is enough for a thin skin fish. Roast in a fish oven, in a oven-toaster, under the grill/broiler, on a brasero…

Then, something green. It’s called sashimi konnyaku. It’s a faux-sashimi. Konnyaku is a sort of yam/potato. Nearly no calories, but an interesting texture. I buy it like that, just rinse and serve. It’s green because flavored with seaweeds. It’s very refreshing.
There was no sauce, usually it’s *miso-naigrette*… It’s called su-miso (keep the hyphen, as that + the blog’s name… LOL), su = vinegar and miso, usually white miso, that is very sweet.
Not a big deal to make yours. Mine is a bit tweaked.

Sauce : organic wheat miso (with chunks of wheat) + black rice vinegar + neri-goma (yellow sesame “butter”, tahini) + sesame seeds.

Same sauce on spinach :

Rice, with myoga.

Myoga and green yuzu citrus. Flavors go so well together.

Cal : 337.5 F9.8g C49.6g P26.6g

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