Orange paquerette…

What are these edible flowers ? Small marguerites ? Daisies ? Paquerette as we say in French . They got a suntan.
Under you can see a falafelosaur. I’m getting addicted to falafels. Well mines were never classic. I cooked a huge one to gain time, instead of cooking 8 small ones in 2 batches.

Garlic stir-fried calamari, with green yuzu citrus.

Petal, bell pepper and tomato salsa, topping cooled somen (vermicelli noodles).

The falafelosaur (chick peas, soda, garlic, molokheya leaves) is cut in wedges, and eaten with white sauce (yuzu juice, garlic, shallot, salt, yogurt, mint) and harissa.

Dinner with 1/2 of the falafelosaur
Cal 607 F10.8g C98.0g P33.0g

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