Red hot and green okras

That’s an easy dinner, for a hot night. Not much cooking involved. Black rice and hatomugi (the body cooling cereal) was frozen (I made a lot before), just reheated.

Salad is shredded rucola, shredded basil, green hot chili, avocado, tataki beef (Japanese style roastbeef), chili flakes. Seasoning is simply Chinese black vinegar.

It’s a stir fry : olive oil, garlic, onion, okras, lots of tomato “concassee” (without peel or seeds). Then the hotness comes from Thai paste for Tom Yam soups (lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime, fish sauce, chili peppers, oil).

(1.5 serving of “rice”)
Cal 695.5 F24.0g C97.9g P26.3g

7 thoughts on “Red hot and green okras

    • Rucola (only 1 c, I have to correct), maybe the name is less familiar than the plant… I don’t know how I should call it in English. In France, I’d always say roquette “rocket” and that seemed to grow in every plot of grass. I mean it’s super common salad in Europe, North America. You have some in packs of mesclun (baby leaves). It’s only here that we have an “exotic tax” on it.
      Other names are : rocket, eruca, rocketsalad, and arugula.

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