Mizu-gyoza and sauce.

Both sides of a “ichi nin mae” (litterally “in front of 1 person”, it’s a line of pan-fried gyoza) of yaki-gyoza. Actually, many people eat several ranks.

This type is the typical gyoza you find every where in town, in gyoza booth, or as a side in ramen restaurants or others. They can be bought already made, but the quality is not assured.
I am not very good at shaping them… sorry. I need to train for that. They were good, that’s the most important.

Osaka gyoza

Gyoza with cabbage filling

Dough :
25 g bread flour
25 g cake flour
1/2 cs oil or lard
about 25 ml hot water

Filling Base :

For 2 dozens unflavored, 3 dozens flavored
(that depends on size/type of dumpling)

(to mix together and let a while in the fridge)
100 g ground pork (actually I used ground chicken)
1/2 onion, minced
1/2 ts pasted garlic
1/2 ts pasted ginger
2 cs soy sauce
4 cs sake
pepper, chili flakes

Flavor (to add to the base, just before filling the dumplings)
1 tbs starch + 2 tbs water
2 cups shredded cabbage

Mix or sieve the flours together. Add in progressively hot water to form a ball of paste. Add a little fat. Kneed until you get the texture of your earlobe.
Cut in 3, form 3 sticks. Cut each stick in 5 balls. With a thin pin, spread the dough in turning it to obtain (ideally) round skins. [I couldn’t find my gyoza pin and used a big one… they would have been rounder]

Don’t put too much filling. Form the gyoza. The small “bags” contain very little, it’s to finish…

Heat a pan, oil or lard it and place a rank of gyoza to “fry” the bottom. When it’s golden, pour 1/2 glass of water, cover and steam on middle heat. I count 3 minutes for chicken, 5 for pork. Take off the lid and cook slowly till all water is gone.
In shops, they use lard I think (well I’m sure the wholesale store sells those 30 liter containers of lard to someone) and yeah, that works better.

Serve with small plates and elements of sauce (fragrant sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, shichimi 7 spices mix) that each person mixes at his/her tastes.


Mini (pan-fried)
Steam them in the oiled pan with the big ones (no pre-frying), then add a little oil and stri-fry them. Cut the heat, add a few drops of sesame oil, mix and serve.

Mizu-gyoza (water-gyoza, boiled, Chinese style)

Boil them in water of broth, about 3 minutes.

Serve with spicy sauce (left-over tsuyu + Chinese chili sauce). Here with miso soup.

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