Poulet Dijon-Tahiti + Sweet Corn Sweet Rice

It’s the end of O-bon, the season when Japanese ghosts visit friends and relatives… What if we made a French foodie ghost turn himself in his grave ?
I’m calling M. Gaston Gerard, mayor of Dijon many decades ago. He was famous for his recipe of chicken with mustard and cheese. I adapted the recipe, slightly… (I suppose now the tombstone is starting to rise…)

For instance, for a start, let’s replace the cheese by coconut cream. LOL (the stone has flied away)

So simmer chicken drums in coconut milk and coconut cream, with a clove of garlic, leek whites and a small green hot chili. When the chicken is done, add a generous tablespoon of “moutarde fine”, the yellow paste type French mustard.
Throw in broccoli florets, leek greens (it’s Kyoto Kujo negi, a Summer leek with tender greens) and a sliced green bell pepper. Cover 2 minutes. Add a sliced tomato. Serve with “moutarde a l’ancienne” . This one is the good stuff, with the seeds in it.

I heart mustard !

Gaston’s ghost is jumping madly in the streets of his city… Sorry man, but it is sooo hoooot here. I’ll do the real recipe in Winter. And you will forgive me because that was really very good ! I’ll do it again.

Then, a little rice with a season touch : fresh corn. I had a cob of bicolor (white and yellow) corn.

I cut the grains from half of it and added them to hot bicolor rice (brown rice + mochigome sticky rice). A little pepper and salt, that’s it. The corn is very sweet so no need to cook it, it’s just hot. The rice is sweet too thanks to sticky rice.

(Meal with 2 servings of rice, half of the meat)
Cal 647 F23.0g C104.7g P30.3g

7 thoughts on “Poulet Dijon-Tahiti + Sweet Corn Sweet Rice

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