Melting a fuse or two…

This is my contribution to the Daring Baker Challenge of this month…
The game was to do an omelette norvegienne (Baked Alaska)… in a sauna (cos’ I live in one LOL). Well not exactly, but that’s what I did.

This month’s challenge is hosted by Elissa of 17 and Baking

BTW, I am a cheat in this challenge.
Mine is a non-dairy version, as my dairy tolerance/intolerance has to do with the weather and type of dairy. So as I have to eat it after, I changed a little…

You can find the art-works of the other challengers, the proposed recipes and more information here


So you can see the making…

It’s a biscuit de Savoie.
Ice cream is made of a coconut cream anglaise + frozen banana, as I hoped it would get more texture… but my ice-cream maker is just like the air-conditioning my Dad had in his car when we were kids. It worked perfectly, except when it was hot ! Very useful. Well, my ice-cream was too soft (but delicious), even after 1 hour in the flash-freezer.
I ti-punched the biscuit, as you see.
Built the cake. Re-flash-freezing.
Made the meringue (French meringue), put it in a bag… for nothing (I used the spoon to finish). Re-freezed.
Baked. Flambe-ed with rum.

Result :
Miss ! I mean melt.

Why ? It seems the meringue has slipped on the banana ice…and cracked.
About omelette norvegienne, the French fashion.

That was a popular Winter dessert, for parties or restaurant.
The standard version is vanilla ice-cream (made of light iced creme anglaise) + fresh fruits, covered of all sides by a genoise/biscuit punched in a liquor. The covering is French meringue or a special meringue (with yolks). It is baked, then flambe on the table. I think the biscuit all over prevents the meringue from slipping.

A previous try… no so good looking, but good to eat.

It’s coconut cream anglaise ice-cream, with fresh mango in it.

Making of :
The anglaise for the ice-cream was normal… but too thin for my ice-cream maker at 40 deg C. I added some cooked corn-starch later, not great for the texture, but that gave a more solid result than the banana.
The cake, a biscuit de Savoie, punched with Rum syrup and rolled, then sliced.

The mango dices were mixed to the ice-cream and that was sandwiched between 2 slices of cake.
The meringue stayed well.

I wasn’t really daring… and baked only 3 minutes (5 were necessary), so it’s too white. I planned to finish with the banner. But no way to open that f… banner, yeah, I had not used that fire banner for so long.

That doesn’t work with a lighter. LOL.

But it’s OK to flambe it.

Result :

Yeah ! The ice inside was perfect !

Only thing : the meringue was too white.

This try was cooked only with the banner. There was a problem… I missed the flambage. The cake was showered !

Result :
The ice was OK inside, not thawed at all.
But I didn’t like it. The baked version tasted better.


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