Pesto yaki-gohan and edamame chicken-burger

Yaki-gohan is stir-fried rice. Today’s is green.

I was given lots of fresh basil. Arigatou…

“hamburgers” are now a part of Japanese cuisine, but in a modified form. I don’t mean the invasion of the streets by burger fast-food shops, which is not cuisine.
There are “hand-made” Japanese burgers, not in sands, but served on a plate, usually not with fries, but with veggies, and white rice. Meat is one ingredient among others, often minoritary. They always add veggies. And they often cover with heavy sauces like old-fashioned sauce espagnole (brown sauce) we had in France 100 years ago -when some Japanese went to get the recipes. Such sauces never were my cup of tea.
There are also tofu burger (not my fav’) and chicken burgers. Another style.

This chicken burger is simply minced chicken, spices (coriander seeds, nutmeg, turmeric, salt) and a few raw edamame. Pan-fried.

Brown rice (genmai) mixed with mochigome (sticky rice). Onion, garlic, broccoli stalks are stir-fried in olive oil. Rice is added. Then after cooking, basil basic pesto (basil, garlic, olive), and white goya. Plus fresh basil.

White goya (bitter squash, bitter cucumber, nigauri) is prepared like the green one. I cut open, scrub t the white center and seeds with a spoon, rince, slice, salt, let 20 minutes, rinse.

(double serving of rice)
Cal 566.8 F13.9g C88.0g P22.4g

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Je vous presente Suribashi – My friend Suribashi

7 thoughts on “Pesto yaki-gohan and edamame chicken-burger

    • The cooking technique is slightly different for sticky rice, because it can become a shapeless mass. LOL
      In a rice-cooker or micro-wave, the easiest is to mix it (like 50%-50%) with another rice, rinse well till water is clear, add the cooking water and wait 20 minutes before starting the normal cooking program.
      Otherwise, if you use only sticky rice, rinse, let 4 hours to one night in water, place in a cheese cloth or a strainer and cook it in a steamer, open a few times to splash more water on the rice.

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