August photo-menu

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***Desserts and sweets ***

choco-chip matcha-an daifuku


Melting a fuse or two… l’omelette norvegienne

***Dumplings and bread***

Gyoza atelier


Nira mochi

Making flat bread and chausson

***Noodles, pasta…***

With tomato tsuyu and white goya.

Old style soba lunch

Zaru soba variation

Nuttiful : another green pesto

Kabocha, nankin, pumpkin… and ramen

Orange paquerette

Creamy pasta

***French (and fusion)***

daurade flambee au pastis.

Fevoulet (Summer cassoulet)


Salade nicoise

Poulet Dijon-Tahiti + Sweet Corn Sweet Rice

Refreshing trio

Cake aux feves

Tale of 2 aubergines

fleurs de nira…

***Japanese (and fusion)***

Beat the heat chirashi…

Hungry girl okonomiyaki

Waxy squash, lotus root and ginger pork

Kabocha no nitsuke, and wheat natto

Ayu hungry ?

***World and nowhere ***

Dining in the heat, 2 variations… with very little cooking

Cucumber games

Green l’foul

Pesto yaki-gohan and edamame chicken-burger

Creme de mais, Yuzu-koshio green plate, Aji and myoga

Cobb style

Tropical night

Fiery okra