Sauce on crispy noodles : sara-udon / age-soba

It’s Chinese ramian noodles that have been dried and fried. They are crispy like crackers. They are served with ankake, a thick sauce that contains veggies, seafood and/or meat.
That dish is called sara udon (plate + udon noodle) in Nagasaki and age soba (fried + soba) in Kyoto ? I’m not quite sure, but the 2 names exist for the same dish that is proposed in most izakaya (drinking restaurants).

I buy the fried noodles :

But I prepared the ankake from scratch with veggies (garlic, onion, cabbage, nankin pumpkin, bell pepper, white aubergine, cherry tomatoes, corn starch, oyster sauce and Sichuan pepper).
Pour the ankake on the noodles at the last minutes and eat imediatly before the noddles get wet and lose their crispiness.

And I served cod fish, with chili pepper and Sichuan pepper on the side.

(double serving of noodles)
Cal 696.5 F24.1g P80.7g C40.2g

6 thoughts on “Sauce on crispy noodles : sara-udon / age-soba

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