Nagasaki champon, Gourmande style

Today’s noodles are… ta ta ta…

Nagasaki champon. That’s the sister version of the sara-udon. This time noodles are soft and in a soup.
The soup is lighter (and based on white chiken or pork bone broth, unlike here) and less abundant than for standard ramens. It is served in a deep plate, not a bowl. And it’s topped by a mountain of items, mostly veggies and seafood.

Sara-udon (was selected in Top 9 by Foodbuzz yesterday. Yeah !)

Fresh stir-fried calamari, bean sprouts, cabbage, onion, hot peppers…watered by a nama shoyu (soy sauce) broth. I don’t like the powder and cube broth, always loaded with preservatives, flavoring, too salty. So if I don’t have home-made in stock, I modify the recipe.

Plus fresh tomato flesh and germinated okra seeds, okra shoots.

The okra shoots are a new product. I like their shape and color. Taste is … nothing special, fresh and crunchy.

On the table a few drops of fragrant sesame oil can be added. Yum…

Cal387 F7.0g C53.8g P27.1g

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