Boulettes de foie a la sariette

Boulettes de foie a la sariette = savory herb liver meat balls.

Les boulettes de foie, leberknepfle, liver meat balls are a specialty in the North-East of France. They have a bad reputation. I never knew why exactly. Of course, if you don’t like liver, pass. And I am sure many bad ones have been served, but that’s the case for any dish.
I loved them when I was a kid. In Lorraine, most butchers sell their home-made ones, and you just need reheating. I made mines of course. I made them smaller, easier to cook.

Freshly made, still raw, boulette de foie (chicken liver, chicken breast meat, salt, pepper, lots of sarriette, flour).
The sariette is a herb called savory in English. I don’t know how widely known it is. We always had some in the garden. I sometimes find some in Japan and I froze a little stock.

Cooked (in a frying pan) a point. Just done. You can cook them more. The taste of liver doesn’t dominate, they are balanced, flavored by the sarriette, textured by the meat.

Autumn is bringing cute mushrooms.

And black potatoes. Weird ? No, just colored. I steamed them.

Avec une noisette de beurre. With a “hazelnut” of butter.

Tomatoes come late in my old country. It’s the season. And this our family style tomato salad. Slice them very finely and add the sauce just before serving.

Vinaigrette (parsley, shallot, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar).

(for a serving of 4 boulettes and the whole meal)

Cal 488 F15.2g C56.5g P33.3g

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