Casual tea

Tea ceremony without tea.
Oops… no, no, it’s : Ceremony tea without a ceremony. My 4 o’clock. That should be 3 o’clock if I was sporting my kimono and all.

It’s “training matcha”. Yes, they sell some cheaper for the persons that want to train for sado (ritualized tea serving). I admire the big ceremonial… but I think it’s like theater, not real life. Once a year is enough.
I didn’t train… I don’t own any tea equipment, my matcha looks like a bubble bath (no I didn’t put soap LOL) and I didn’t even invest into a wagashi “spoon” (that costs a misery…I forgot to buy them).

Before the tea, you need a wagashi (Japanese sweet) reflecting the season mood. For early Autumn, ohagi mochi.

Some Gourmandes have 2 sweets…

Making the ohagi mochi

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

3 thoughts on “Casual tea

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  3. My “tea ceremony” looks like this and I do have a lot of pleasure drinking the matcha! And I still have to buy a spoon; always forget! ūüėČ

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