Making dashi…’t! (Obanazawa no dashi)

CAUTION : This stuff is highly addictive !

It’s a tsukemono, J-style pickles. This one is a cousin of the picalilli.
You can eat them with rice, tofu… or how you want. For instance, directly from the bowl, barefoot in front of the fridge in the middle of the night.

A dinner with Yamagata no dashi

This is not the run of mill tsukemono at your local sushi shop, but a regional specialty. Of course, I can buy some in Osaka but that’s expensive. Ingredients to make yours are cheap (or even your free leftovers).
Why that name ?
I made little research. You may now the word だし “dashi” that means stock (like fish stock). This is another one, a dialectal word, with an intonation at the end. It is *spelled* だしっ “DASHI..’t” to mark the difference it. It’s a specialty of the town Obanazawa in Yamagata prefecture (山形県尾花沢市), so you can also say “Yamagata no dashi” or “Obanazawa no dashi” .

Principle :
-Cut several raw vegetables in mirepoix (very small cubes)
-Season with salt, soy sauce, sake or mirin.
-Flavor with seaweeds, fish stock, chili pepper, ginger…

If you wanted to keep it several weeks or without refrigeration, you would have to be very rigorous with proportions of salt and alcohol. Pickles are very salty for preservation purpose. But your will eat it in a few days (hours ?) and store it in your fridge, so season it at your taste.

What veggies ?

Classic :
Cucumbers, shishinto (Japanese green sweet chili), aubergine, nagaimo (yam potato), onion, myoga (baby ginger), sesame leaves, daikon radish…
Modern :
Okra, shiso (perilla), bell pepper, tomato, chili peppers, goya, carrot, small radish, zucchini, celery…

Making my dashi…t

-Cut aubergine (make slices, then sticks, then cubes), red onions, bell pepper. Add a little salt, reserve.

-Rinse quickly a wedge of kombu seaweed. Let it 30s in 1/4 cup of water. Cut it (it’s easier with scissor as that’s a bit like paper).

-Cut shiso leaves, red chili, ginger, and molokheya (I have cut the leaves much more than on the photo to make it “liquid”).

-Combine the vegetables.
-For 1 cup of vegetables, add 1/4 ts natural sea salt, 1 tbs of nama shoyu soy sauce, 1 tbs of sake, 1 tbs mirin.
-Stir well. Cover.
-> ->
-Keep in the fridge, you can eat it after a few hours.


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