Champloo~ and konnyakoo~

Champuru AKA Champloo~

Konnyakoo~ AKA konnyaku…
Well, don’t browse konnyakoo~. Only (Okinawa’s) champloo has the different spelling. That’s the Ryu Kyu’s scrambled stir-fry. This one is with bacon. I had made another variation :
Go~ya champloo~ and Okinawan soba

Bacon, onion, chili peppers, goya (bitter cucumber), soy sauce, eggs… plus lots of broken tofu (it’s “yaki tofu”, roasted tofu, dryer than the others). Add a little fragrant sesame oil.

Serve with rice (genmai brown rice, and mochigome sticky rice).

Left-overs of champloo and of konnyaku (without the sauce) can be reheated together :

Konnyaku (this is made from a sort of yam), sliced. With a “salsa” of tomato flesh and green yuzu juice and zest.

Cal : 507.2 F24.0g C55.1g P27.5g

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