Truffes a la pomme nouvelle

Apple flavored truffes.

Recipe :
3 ts of goma cream (black sesame seed “butter”)
a few drops of Calvados apple liquor
2 tbs of good unsweetened cocoa.
Mix. Roll 3 bowls, and cover them in a third tbs of cocoa.

You have your truffes in 20 seconds, no refrigeration needed, no sugar.
The “goma cream” is easy to make : pound black sesame until oil starts getting out. If you want it smooth, pass it through a sieve. That takes a few minutes (maybe 5 min for that small amount). I have some from a jar.

Nashi Belle-Helene (with truffles)

Perfect mignardise to go with coffee.

The new apples are great too.

(1/2 apple and 3 truffes)
Cal 215.5 F9g C24.8g P5.1g

8 thoughts on “Truffes a la pomme nouvelle

    • Yes, Normandie is invaded with tons of apples every year, inhabitants are forced to make into alcohol and then drink it… A real tragedy ! Enjoy with moderation.

  1. Don’t you find it a pity to put some extra taste in your truffles, it always take away from the nice chocolate flavor. It is only my idea.
    Your blogs do look always very tempting to try out. Thanks for that, and your info about the products is always great.
    Thanks keep up the good work for all of us
    Greetings from Belgium

    • I understand totally. Sometimes I have eaten truffles, and other chocolate pralines that were so strongly flavored that they could have been made without any chocolate.

      This time, the amount of Calva was small, that didn’t change so much. I could have done without. As you see, I served the raw apples on the side, not mixed in.
      Then, these truffles are already tasting completely different from truffes of cream ganache or chocolate, because of the black sesame. That wouldn’t be at everybody’s taste.
      Sesame “cream” has a strong flavor. As in Japan, almonds are extremely expensive and sesame extremely cheap, I have seen patisserie students training the macaron technique with a mix of almond and sesame. They gave me some. The taste of almonds had vanished completely under sesame flavor, so for the next batches they didn’t even use almond. But I find that sesame and cocoa can blend well. That would be interesting to make a set of 3 truffles, one pure black sesame, one pure cocoa, and one mixed. Well, these days temperature is still around 30 degree C. I can’t make sweets with cream, butter or even cocoa butter. That melts…
      Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting, I need to eat everyday so I won’t stop posting.

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