Kinako-bo and mugi-cha

There is a surprise in the paper.

Kinako (powdered roast soy beans) becomes …

These are kinako-bo, sweets made of kinako and honey (or syrup).
They taste a little like ginger bread, a little like caramels.

(for the set)
Cal 344.5 F11.7g C50.3g P17.9g

The second surprise-pocket contains :

It’s roast wheat… oops, no, it’s barley, actually. Omugi (barley) and komugi (wheat), 50% chance of error, I plunged. That will teach me to check.
It is infused in hot or cold water. You just need to put the bag in a pitcher of water, put in the fridge one hour. That makes the mugi-cha drink. That looks like tea, taste is close to roast tea. There is no caffeine in it. The cold version is very popular in Summer.

Now I wonder if the wheat version exist. I know there are soba-cha, of roast buckwheat, tomorokoshi-cha, roast corn (a Korean one) and some mix bags with roast white or black soy, popped genmai brown rice… So why not wheat ? When I have time, I’ll put a few spoons of spelt in the pop-corn skillet.

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

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    • Les proportions officielles, ce serait 2 cuillers a soupe de miel liquide ou de sirop epais, ou meme de mizu-ame (gel de glucose) pour 50 g de kinako. Mais cela depend de l’humidite, etc… Donc on rajoute toujours soit du kinako, soit du miel pour obtenir une pate assez seche. Il faut rechauffer un peu le sirop ou miel pour le liquefier avant de melanger. Je trouve que c’est trop sucre pour moi, et donc je dilue mon miel avec un peu d’eau et mes “batons” sont plus friables.

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