Raw-bergine on Korean soba

This plump aubergine (eggplant) is a mizu-nasu, water aubergine. It is cultivated to be eaten raw.

Today, it will be eaten with cooled Korean buckwheat noodles. Here they are not topped with raspberry jelly but kochijan (gochuchang).

Nameko, the funny mushroom and Seoul Summer noodles

Korean-Osakan Bibin’men (cooled noodles)

The mizu-nasu aubergines are simply cut and immediately bathed about 30 seconds in salted water till they slightly turn green. Then rinsed in fresh water.

I prefered blanching the zucchini slices, 30 seconds too but in boiling water.

The fruit touch is sliced nashi pear.

Also added a little hot chili, kochijan sauce, sesame, the broth (given with the noddles), a few drops of fragrant sesame oil.

Tofu, kimchi, to eat as a side or add in…

Kabocha yokan, more nashi. Not to add in. It’s dessert.

Kabocha yokan

(double serving of noodles and vegetables)
Cal : 571 F11.7g C95.2g P27.0g

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